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IDA is a membership driven organization. Membership dues are collected on an annual basis, unless an individual elects to support the organization as a lifetime member. Membership dues help fund projects and operating expenses for the organization. IDA is a local organization that is run by volunteer members. All funds rose through annual and lifetime memberships, annual banquets, raffles, and other fund raising events throughout the year stay in Idaho. There is not a national organization telling us, as members, what we can and cannot do with the funds raised.

  • Annual Membership: $35.00
  • Lifetime Membership: $500
    • Payment Options:
      • 2 payments of $250 (to be paid within 60 days)
      • 10 payments of $50 (to be paid within 10 months)

What do I get as a member of IDA?
As a member in good standing of IDA, members receive, first and foremost, the satisfaction of supporting a local wildlife conservation organization focused on what’s important at home in Idaho with deer and wildlife habitat. Members have the opportunity and are strongly encouraged to get involved with the organization as a volunteer. IDA is only as strong as the members supporting the organization.

As an annual contributing member of IDA, in good standing, you will receive the following as a thank you for your support:

  • IDA window decal
  • Subscription to the quarterly magazine, Idaho Deer Hunter
  • Email updates

As a lifetime contributing member of IDA, in good standing, you will receive the follow as a thank you for your support:

  • IDA Window Decal
  • Subscription to the quarterly magazine, Idaho Deer Hunter
  • Email updates
  • IDA Lifetime Member jacket with customized embroidered name
  • Lifetime Member Appreciation plaque


IDA is a volunteer based organization. No one gets paid to do the work. We need to work together make a difference. Volunteering your time is one of the easiest ways to get involved and show your support for the organization and more importantly our deer and wildlife habitat. IDA is always looking for volunteers for projects, events, meeting involvement, and overall organization input. We understand that time is a precious commodity and volunteering your time may not be possible. If that is the case, please considering donating to help fund projects and programs for Idaho deer habitat improvement and management efforts.

Thank you!


Ongoing Projects:

  • Yearly sagebrush and bitterbrush planting in southwestern Idaho, supporting Bureau of Land Management and Idaho Fish & Game.
  • Volunteer support for wildlife supplemental feeding during hard winters
  • Annual wildlife benefits auction and banquet for deer habitat improvement and other projects.

Past Projects

  • Wildlife enclosure repairs and maintenance of fences along riparian zones and removal of willows from big game watering holes. (Various years).
  • Purchased .22 cal rifles for youth hunter education program. (2003)
  • Blacks Creek (private land) shooting area cleanup and trash pickup.  (1994,  1998, and 2002
  • Foothills fire restoration donation for triple matching funds plus volunteer services to replant habitat lost in the fires. (1997 & 1998).
  • Boise Front fire restoration donation for habitat restoration north of Boise. (1997
  • Garden Valley Rabbit Brush seedlings shared half the cost of local seedlings with Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation for replanting native habitat in Garden Valley. (1997)
  • Purchased feeding troughs for supplemental feeding of wildlife (primarily Elk) in the Stanley Basin. (1997)
  • Donations for Needy Family Christmas.
  • Sportsman’s Heritage Defense fund donation.
  • Purchased signs for open gate, close gate and donated them to ranchers in Southwestern Idaho to enhance landowner, sportsmen relations.
  • Purchased deer radio collars and helped catch and collar fawns in Southwestern Idaho for mule deer/predator mortality study. (1998)
  • Instrumental in helping Idaho Wildlife Federation pass increased penalties for flagrant poaching violations.
  • Funded majority of expense of bus transportation for volunteers planting bitterbrush. (Ongoing)
  • Deer capture and collar study, Lucky Peak Reservoir, volunteer support and funding to help buy deer collars. (2001).
  • Funded majority of cost of bus transportation for volunteers planting bitterbrush. (Various years).
  • Fertilizer stakes for Garden Valley Bitterbrush comparison study.
  • Donated $3000.00 to Idaho Hunter Education for initial funding (matching funds) for a mobile shooting range. (2004)
  • Donated $1500.00 towards the purchase of a handicap hunting device for Idaho Ravens Youth organization
  • Donated 10 fawn collars to the Idaho Fish & Game for a fawn mortality study in Garden Valley
  • Deer Hunters of Idaho in conjunction with Idaho Ravens Youth and Eastman’s Journal are sponsoring 30 subscriptions to Eastman’s Journal to be sent to selected local armed forces individuals that have just been deployed to Iraq (2005)

Start a Chapter

IDA’s main area of operation is the Boise area. However, we would love to have more involvement throughout the state. IDA is currently seeking individuals who are motivated, conservation minded, an avid sportsman or woman, and who want to make a difference in their area with deer and wildlife habitat. IDA wants to keep your hard-earned money right here in Idaho to fund habitat projects and other worthwhile causes. At least 85-90% of the money raised in your chapter’s area will stay there to fund those projects. The other 10-15% may go to the overall organization for advertising and merchandising of events and membership.

So what are you waiting for? Get involved in your area and start an Idaho Deer Alliance chapter today!

Contact George Nelson at (208) 703-6870 or email

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