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About IDA

IDA is dedicated to the conservation and management efforts of Idaho’s deer habitat and populations. IDA is also committed to being engaged in productive partnerships with Idaho Fish & Game (IDFG), other government agencies, other organizations with like-minded objectives, and Idaho sportsmen and women that want to see Idaho deer herds sustainable for future generations. IDA is committed to interacting with Idaho sportsmen and women to discuss and collaborate on Idaho deer management issues. IDA takes pride in being the catalyst and voice of Idaho deer hunters and conservationists in generating productive solutions to the challenges that IDFG face with Idaho deer herd management.

We are Idaho deer hunters, but we take great pride in being Idaho deer conservationists first and foremost. Without healthy and sustainable deer herds in Idaho there will not be reason to continue deer hunts. Hunting is a privilege and not a right. Hunting is also a wildlife management practice; however, over hunting and poor management lead to poor deer herds. IDA is committed to providing solutions for sustainable deer herds in Idaho including habitat rehabilitation, winter range management solutions, tag allocation options, fund raising for projects dedicated to deer herd management, and most importantly being actively engaged in the IDFG management practices wherever possible.

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